Corporate Loan

Otherwise known as business loan, corporate loan is a type of financial assistance granted to more established companies or corporations. The company usually utilised such loan to acquire physical assets such as equipment, inventory, buildings, real estates or properties. This type of loan can also be used for covering operational costs, expanding existing business operations and other working capital requirements.

Depending on the nature of your loan requirements, there are many types of corporate loans available from financial institutions or registered commercial banks to provide monetary aid for your company. They usually prefer companies that have been in operation for at least 3 years and above.

The basic procedure would be to assess the financial position of the existing business, to ensure that this business is profitable. In addition, it would also check on their bank statements to make sure that there is continuous positive cash inflow matching their reported profits. Last but not least, CTOS check is also made for the company as well as their directors, to ensure that neither have any litigation pending against them.

Alternative options

In most cases, usually for such established companies, they are seldom in need of long term funding because their existing business would already afford them some cash flow. However, sometimes there might be delay in collections from their existing customer, which affects the working capital and operating cash flow of the business. Hence, this is where licensed money lender can help by offering corporate loan, with flexible tenure and fast approval. Besides that, the documents requirement from this licensed money lender are less, thus making it an easier application process. Last but not least, the cash are quickly disbursed to the customer, thus helping address their urgent cash flow need.

Thus in summary, urgent cash flow needs are unavoidable for a particular business. What they need are some short term facility which can help them survive past this scenario.  Bank facility such as overdraft and term loan may be a good thing, but in unforeseen circumstances, short term quick cash from money lender, can also be a huge difference between success and failure of a business. Look no further, call us now if you have any financial needs.

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